Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hamming It Up

Dinner: January 25

The plan was barely there. I had a ham steak and wanted to do a simple, healthy, and straightforward meal. With no recipe, I put some ingredients together and came up with a good, quick dinner.

I threw the pre-cooked ham steak in a frying pan after seasoning with salt and pepper for about one minute on each side. When I realized that it really wasn’t going to brown because of all the juices, I decided that was okay and simply transferred it to a baking dish.

Since I’m quite fond of my new mandoline, I decided to use that to thinly slice some vegetables to put around the ham. The ham didn’t need to cook long, so I didn’t want thick-cut veggies to have to be in the oven too long, either. I quickly realized, though, that the mandoline isn’t good for everything. The Roma tomato mushed when I tried to shave it that way, so I simply cut thin slices and put them around the ham. The zucchini was perfectly sliced with the mandoline, though, and those pieces went over the tomatoes with a bit of garlic powder over the top. The carrot didn’t much like being so thinly sliced, but I made it happen, and those pieces went over the top of everything. I topped with a little dried basil and drizzle of olive oil over the veggies, and put in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes.

It was a good meal, with leftovers. It worked out as planned; the juices from the ham and the olive oil moistened the vegetables just enough. Everything cooked well, and I had a tasty meal that was super simple, light, and healthy. Easy breezy!

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