Thursday, October 6, 2011

Short Ribs Short of Success

Dinner: October 3

I’ve had short ribs in restaurants, and the dishes were not only flavorful but super tender and moist. With beef on sale at my local grocery store, I snagged some short ribs and decided to go for it.

I sought a recipe that used the slow cooker, believing that cooking them all day would make them fall-apart luscious. This recipe looked like a winner, though I had to cut it down a bit because I only had five short ribs versus the eight suggested in the recipe. I adjusted the measurements of the other ingredients with some approximations, but with everything in the slow cooker, I figured it wouldn’t matter so much.

Basics:  Seasoned short ribs with salt and pepper, browned in olive-oil heated pan until brown on all sides. Added to slow cooker filled with thickly sliced onion and celery stalk, baby carrots, paprika, black pepper, seasoning salt, red wine, and beef stock. Cooked on low setting for eight hours.

The pot smelled amazing, and the taste of the sauce was quite good, which flavored the vegetables and the meat very nicely. The meat was fairly tender but not as much as I’d hoped it would be, as it certainly wasn’t manageable with fork only. The outer edges were more on the tender side, but the inner sections of each piece of beef were dry and very tough to eat. This was far from the succulent beef dish I hoped for, and though edible, it missed the mark.

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