Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back in the Kitchen with Veal and Spinach

Dinner: July 16

Miss me?

The last few weeks have been overwhelming with travel to/from Las Vegas and related work projects, so I’ve sadly neglected my cooking endeavors. But I’m back!

Admittedly, as I wrapped another busy week, I didn’t want to try anything too complicated, so I picked something I could cook without a recipe. (Believe me, I’m shocked to be at that point, too.)

I saw some beautiful veal scaloppini at the market this week, and I had a craving for spinach after watching Annie Duke eat it for a week. Voila, I had a meal idea.

I didn’t get these recipes from anywhere; I winged it, and this is what happened, first with the veal:

Basics:  Dredged veal chops in flour, salt, and pepper. Browned in olive-oiled skillet, then added small amounts of butter and red wine vinegar, as well as a generous amount of capers and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Cooked covered for about five minutes.

The veal was luscious! I’d choose it over a pork chop any day if it was on sale more often. The capers provided a very nice tang to it, though I’m not sure that I needed the vinegar and questioned what possessed me to add it in the first place. It was all very good, though, as I made sure not to overcook the veal.

And the spinach:

Basics:  Cooked bag of spinach in olive-oiled skillet, covered until wilted. Added chopped garlic, sea salt, red pepper flakes, and a squeeze of lemon. Mixed and cooked another minute.

I cook spinach on a regular basis, and it is one of the easiest vegetables to make. All I did was add the garlic and red pepper flakes for kick, and lemon because I had a sad half lemon sitting on the counter. It was very good. The strong taste may be too much for some, but simply adjusting the amount of garlic and adding/subtracting red pepper flakes is all it takes to take it down a notch.


  1. I'm enjoying following your culinary adventures! I don't eat meat, but that doesn't matter.