Sunday, June 5, 2011

Favorite French (Restaurant) Food with Friends

Dinner: June 3

Please forgive me for straying from the usual home cooking for which this space is reserved. The last week was spent in Las Vegas - partly as a getaway from my home/office where the walls were closing in, and partly for meetings and networking. So, without any recipe to put in this space, I decided to share some pictures of food I’d like to learn how to cook.

One of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas is Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris. The French food is quite good and authentic, as verified by my French friend, Benjo. And during my last week in Vegas, I was fortunate to find two friends to dine with me there.

All meals begin with warm French bread at the table in a bagged loaf to keep warm. We also added a warm brie plate as an appetizer and shared the melty goodness that came with toasted bread, hazelnuts, and cooked garlic cloves.

I also decided to enjoy some snails before my main course - escargots de bourgogne. Though they were already out of the shell, they were smothered in a garlic butter sauce and perfectly tasty. And Michael sampled the soup du jour. Though I cannot remember the name of the soup, it was poured from two small kettles - one for each half of the soup - and it came together perfectly in the bowl. It looked luscious for a cold soup.

Bob chose a large helping of the macaroni gratin (mac & cheese) for his main course because he had a large lunch not long before, and the gratin looked very cheesy with a beautiful crust over the top. Michael went for the waiter’s suggestion of filet mignon in a merlot butter and red wine reduction, and he said it was amazing. I opted for my usual - steak au poivre with a brandy peppercorn sauce - and chose garlic spinach on the side instead of frites. Wonderful!

I washed it all down with two glasses of the Côtes du Rhone (J. Vidal-Fleury ’07).

And though we were absolutely stuffed, we were enticed by the dessert options. Bob chose the sorbet du jour, and Michael and I shared the crème brûlée.

The meal was win-win-win, and I can add another win for the friends who shared the evening with me.

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  1. The waiter called it "red and golden beet soup."